Nabannogakon (I’m Tired): Expression of the Untold Struggles of Student-Mothers from a State University in the Philippines


  • Perfecto F. Paredes, John Mark B. Romero, Andrian A. dela Cruz



nabannogakon (I’m tired), student-mothers, untold struggles


Being a student mother is a very demanding and socially challenging status of women in contemporary times. Fulfilling the role of being a mother and being a student requires commitment to undertaking the day-to-day challenges posed by academic life and social responsibility. “Nabannogakon” is the Ilocano expression of being tired and it is the context that is exposed in the study. This phenomenological study describes the lived experiences of mothers who chose to pursue a college degree. To gather essential information for this study, the researchers were able to come up with a validated guide questionnaire. There were seven purposively chosen participants in this study. It is revealed in the results that time management, finances, family needs, academic performance, and stress were the most common struggles encountered by student-mothers. To cope with these struggles, the participants depended on proper time management, doing part-time work for income, personal, and religious motivations and a family support system. With this, awareness and external support coming from the college is a necessary tool in helping student-mothers be able to overcome these challenges