Role of Consumer Demographics on Ethnocentrism in Chennai City.


  • T.Charulakshmi, Dr. M.Chandran


Consumer Ethnocentrism, CETSCALE, Demography profile


The study evaluates the Role of consumer demographics on ethnocentrism in Chennai city.  The concept CETSCALE was introduced by Shimp and Sharma based on the concept the questionnaires has been framed and its collected through the online from the 103 samples of consumers. The tool of this study is simple percentage analyzes and  ANOVA.  The consequences of the study explore is not a unique factor whereas it is depending upon the several factors which are preserving the consumer identity. It is further concluded that the education level, income level and gender are play a important vital role to decide the existence of ethnocentrism in any marketing arena. The study further reveled that the income level is also a crucial part in deciding the ethnocentrism. In fact it is called the factor which is executing ethnocentrism among the consumers of any product.