Intrusion Decision System Datamining Techniques for Identifying False Alarm Rate


  • Naseema Shaik, Raheem Unnisa Begum, Sahar Mahgoub Abbas IbnOaf, Eltyeb Elsamani Abd Elgabar


Datamining, Intrusion Detection System, False Alarm, Decision Tree are a few keywords.


In this paper, Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is important for data security and reusability. The format of the input data used for analysis is critical of any intrusion detection method. In general, data instances such as objects, documentation, points, vectors, styles, events, cases, test results, findings, and entities are regarded input. On the other hand, we must take priority nearness. Many pattern recognition problems in data classification could be remedied utilising similarity. The quasi-information will be labelled. The various frequency whether or not object is normal. When classifying data, one of three modes is selected: supervised, semi-supervised, or unsupervised. In this paper, we will discuss how data will be classified in order to reduce near misses. We're using decision tree algorithm to try to solve the above problem.