Examining the Effect of Attitude, Remuneration and Working condition on Teachers’ Performance in Hintalo District Tigray, Ethiopia


  • Aregawi zeferu Hadush, Dr. K.Logasakthi


Attitude, Effect, Examining, Remuneration, Performance, Work condition


The purpose of the study was to investigate the effect of attitude, remuneration and working condition on teachers’ performance. The study employed descriptive survey design and focused on quantitative data. 191 sample teacher employees were selected using simple random sampling technique. Questionnaire was the data gathering tools. The study mainly employed inferential statistics to analyze the data. The finding revealed that poor working environment, low remuneration and attitude factors affected teachers’ performance. The Pearson correlation coefficient indicated that all the three independent factors had significant positive correlation among each other and collectively on teachers’ performance. In this case null hypotheses were rejected and alternative hypotheses were accepted. Significant difference was not observed on teachers’ performance due to gender, location, education level and experience disparity. Here the null hypotheses were accepted and the alternative hypotheses were rejected. It can be concluded that most employee teachers used the profession as transit. This can aggravate the problem born by remuneration and working condition. Attitude highly matters the effect of the other factors. Therefore the leaderships and stake holders should design awareness creation programs and motivation strategies to establish positive attitude on the teaching profession. The government should also introduce initiative projects to make the teaching profession attractive.