The Impact of Digital Marketing Communication on Consumer Buying Behaviour Towards with Smart Phones with reference to Hyderabad City


  • Mrs. Archana Kumari, Dr. V. Selvam


Digital Marketing concept, Digital marketing communication, Concept of Smart Phone, Buying behaviour of smart phone and Impact of digital marketing Communication


According to the World Bank, India's economy is one of the world's fastest expanding, and its smartphone industry is rising rapidly. Smartphones have become indispensable in customers' personal and professional lives. The constant rise in disposable money has had a tremendous impact on consumer attitudes and ambitions. This study's goal is to analyse the external and internal elements that influence a consumer's smartphone buying choice. The study also examines customer perceptions toward cellphones and the role of brands in consumer purchasing decisions. The rapid rise in smartphone usage is evident, affecting all age and gender categories. This study's focus is on quantitative elements considered to impact customer attitudes and behaviours around smartphone purchases. "The Impact of Online Digital Communication on Customer Purchasing Behavior on Smart Phone" examined the impact of online digital communication on customer purchasing behaviour on smart phones. The study used a questionnaire to survey 100 people from various demographic backgrounds. Although most individuals utilise digital communication sources like the internet and deem them credible and useful, conventional media like television commercials and word of mouth were found to be the most effective in getting potential buyers to the showroom. Even while the internet is an effective tool for connecting with clients, it is not currently the most widely used or important media. The study focuses on the impact of digital marketing communication on customer purchasing behaviour for smart phones in Hyderabad.