Evaluation of some Antioxidants in Aloe vera extracts and determination of Antibacterial Activity in Growth of some Pathogenic Bacteria


  • Hadeel Ahmed Hasan, MADEHA H. HUSSAIN, ALI S. HASSOON, Emad M. Rashed


Aloe vera extracts, zone of growth inhibition, staphylococcus auerus, Eescherichia coli


The crude of Aloe vera extracts were investigated with aim of determining the anti-bacterial activity in the growth of Eescherichia coli and staphylococcus auerus. The disc diffusion method was employed to measure the sensitivity of the crude extracts (equeous and methalonic) of aloe vera gel to the tested bacteria. Gentamicin (300 mgml) was utilized as a positive control for comparison with the two extracts activity. The findings of the present investigation were displayed that the tested bacteria were susceptible to both extracts, and the methalonic extracts , showed high antibacterial activity than equeous one and the staph.anerus was more sensitive to both extracts than E.coli according to the zone of growth inhibition which were measured in ( mm ) around the disc of two extracts .