Phytochemical Screening of Iraqi Trifolium pretense


  • Noor Mohsen Naseer, Talal A. Aburjai, Ibrahim S. Al-Jubori


Trifolium pretense, Red clover, Stomata, Trachoma, Flavonoid, Phenolic and tannin


Fabaceae (legume, pea, or bean family) determine as large and important family of plants with flowering. This family is easily recognized by its fruit and leaves. One of the most important plant that related to this family is Trifolium pretense under the common name Red clover ManagementĀ  of psoriasis and eczema are the main use of this plant inĀ  traditional medicine also it has anticancer activity, antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic activity. This study was carried to investigate the pharmacognostical feature and the phytochemical screening of Iraqi Trifolium pretense. At first, the plant was examined macroscopically and microscopically to investigate the morphological characters of plant and to determine the type of stomata and trachoma respectively, after that the aerial, leaves and flowers of plant were extracted by ethanol in a soxhlet apparatus individually and subjected ethnolic extract of aerial part to standard methods for active constituents identification and make LC Ms/Ms to the leaves and flower part. The results shows that Trifolium pretense leaves have a thin cell wall, anomocytic stomata, annual vessel, and unicellular unbranched trichomas. Also an important active constituents have been detected that terpenes, saponin, alkaloide, coumarinĀ  and flavonoids were present in all plant parts, while the Sterol& steroids are not detected in aerial part. Also the study referred to the presence of secondery metabolite in different amount in both leaves and flowers part of plant.