Status of sex changed persons in Islam


  • Dr. Muhammad Yaseen, Dr. Ghulam Haider, Dr. Muhammad Shahid, Dr. Faiza Anjum, Dr. Muhammad Imran, Dr Hafiz Muhammad Ibrar Ullah


Change of Gender, Trans Gender, FTM Surgery, MTF Surgery, Gender Identity Disorder. Khuntha Mushkal, Islamic Law.


Humans had to face a number of problems since their creation. They were suffered from different diseases. The most critical issue was the determination of the sex for those people who were born in the wrong bodies. Medical scientists were ultimately able in the 20th century to treat them by changing their sex through surgery. But this technique gives a chance to opportunists who began to change the sex of healthy people as well. This leads to a number of issues regarding their status in society, place in worship, inheritance and the role of their marriages, etc. This article highlights all these issues.