An Efficient and Fast Authentication Technique for E-Education with Special Refernce to Rural Areas


  • Pradip K. Samanta, Anirban Panja, Soumen Mondal, Dr. Sunil Karforma


E-Education, HMAC-SHA-256, Digital Signature Algorithm, ElGamal DSA, PRNG.


E-education is commonly referred to as e-learning or online learning take place using different ICT-enabled tools and media. The backbone of the E-eduction process is the Internet through which educational pieces of information are delivered to the participants in efficient manner. In e-education, academic testimonials of a learner like admit card, mark sheet, registration certificate, etc are transacted through the Internet between learner and administrator of the educational organization. During transmission through the Internet, the valuable documents may be modified by intruders through different active and passive attacks. Digital Signature Algorithm may be applied to counter those attacks by authenticating the vulnerable documents during the transmission process through the Internet. In this paper, we have proposed an efficient and fast authentication technique using the Elgamal public key encryption-based Digital Signature Algorithm to prevent unauthorized access to e-learning documents. In the proposed model HMAC-SHA-256 is used to create the message digest of the input document. Then ElGamal digital signature algorithm is applied to the computed hashed value to generate and verify the signature. Cryptographically Secure Pseudo Random Number Generator (CSPRNG) is used to generate keys of ElGamal DSA to make the proposed model more secure and efficient. The performance and strength of the proposed model have also been analyzed and superiority of the proposed model is shown with the help of supportive tables and charts.