Probiotics as potential immunomodulatory agents against sars cov – 2 infections: a comprehensive review status.


  • S. Ajay Kumar Chaitanya, S. Jeevan Chandra


Probiotics, Novel Corona virus, immunomodulatory effects


Novel Corona virus outbreak in the year 2019 is recorded as a biggest pandemic situation among the nations. The world is in search of a better treatment against SARS CoV – 2 and related infections. Probiotics, after discovery of Ellie Metchnikoff are now turning be the alternate for their proven health benefits. Although, the science of producing probiotic foods is not a new task to many nations world wide, several modern methods have involved in combination with age old techniques to produce various new formulations. India is one the emerging trendsetter in producing quality probiotic products and accounts for about 15 million USD with annual increase rate of 10%. Important brand competitors available in Indian market are Danone Yakult, Amul, Nestle, etc. Certain companies are also formulating in the form of capsules and also as fodder for animals.  In this regard, ICMR in collaboration had set rules to harness and certify the agencies and companies producing probiotic based products. These rules include various parameters and also certify the product by conducting clinical trials in compliance with agencies like FDA and FSSAI. The previous studies shown that many probitics initiate beneficial gut micro flora and act as strong immunomodulataory agents in vivo hence help cope up with COVID and post COVID related conditions