Reflections on the deforestation of the peruvian amazonian forest for agricultural land use, period 2001-2018


  • Vicenta Tafur-Anzualdo, Doris Esenarro, Carlos Medina-Ramos, Judith Betetta-Gomez, Milton César Túllume Chavesta, Pedro Amaya


Valuation, deforestation, agriculture, Amazon forests


The present research work is focused on determining the economic valuation of the effect of deforestation of the Peruvian Amazon forests and essentially to warn of the environmental significance; in this sense, the impact of this problem is analyzed in the period 2001-2018. The study was oriented to crops (coffee, cocoa, oil palm, and soybean plantations) developed mainly in deforested forest soils. Such are those that have the most significant impact on drastic changes in soil cover and implicitly in the increase in the release of greenhouse gases. In this research, the economic valuation was carried out by applying the benefit transfer method about reforestation; and carbon; we worked with international market prices.