Knowledge, Atittude and Behavior of Dentist Toward Covid-19 Pandemic: A Scooping Review


  • Bobby Fahmi Muldan Pahlevi, Qurratul Ainia, Kusbaryanto


Knowledge ; Attitude ; Behavior ; Covid-19 Pandemic ; Dentist


Background: Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior are three importants elements that form a continous dynamic system. Dentist during pandemic when performing dental procedures are at risk of transmitting Covid-19 disease.

Objective: To analyze the knowledge, attitude and behavior of dentist towards Covid-19 pandemic.

Research Method: This study is a scoping review searching articles through the electronic database such Pubmed and Sciencedirect, using keywords in article published in 2020-2021, discussing theĀ  knowledge, attitude and behavior of dentist toward Covid-19 pandemic and fulfill inclusion criteria. The review process uses the Preffered Reporting Items for systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis (PRISMA).

Results: Nine articles show good knowledge, Seven and Eight articles show good attitudes good behavior respectively by dentist towards Covid-19 pandemic.

Conclusion: Almost all dentists have good knowledge, attitude and behavior towatds Covid-19 pandemic.