Assessment of Hematological Profile of Dengue Patients


  • Dr. Hrutu Gada, Dr. Rajat Mittal, Dr. Aparna Patange


Background:Dengue is caused by one of the four serotypes of the dengue virus. The present study was conducted to assess hematological profile of dengue patients.

Materials & Methods:60 patients of dengue fever of both genders were included. Serological profiling of dengue for NS-1 AG was performed by dengue NS-1 kit. Test results were interpreted at 15-20 minutes. If the patient is affected by dengue virus, a purple color moves across the result window in the center of the test device.

Results: Out of 65 patients, males were 25 and females were 35. Platelet cell count/µl <50000 was seen in 14, 50000-100000 in 26, 100000-150000 in 12 and >150000 in 7patients. White blood cell count/µl 2500 was seen in 2, 2500-3500 in 13, 3500-4500 in 20 and 4500-5500 in 25.

Conclusion:Most of dengue fever patients had low platelet and white blood cell count. Altered haematological profile is indicators of dengue fever.