Assessment of Serum Melatonin Level, IL- 2, IL-15 and TNF- Alpha Alteration in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients


  • Dr. Himalaya Goel, Dr. Avanti Damle, Dr. Makarand Mane


Background:IL-1β, IL-2, IL-15, IFN-gamma and Tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) are associated with the regulation of expression of 2DM and its genes. The present study was conducted to assess serum melatonin level, IL- 2, IL-15 and TNF- alpha alteration in type 2 diabetes patients.

Materials & Methods:85 type II diabetes mellitus patients of both genders were kept in group I and age & sex matched non-2DM in group II. Serum melatonin was estimated by using the Elisa Assay method. Plasma glucose was estimated by Glucose-oxidase and peroxidase method.

Results: The mean melatonin level in group I was 18.4 pg/ml and in group II was 34.6 pg/ml, IL- 2 was 8.2 pg/ml in group I and 56.8 pg/ml in group II, IL- 15 was 4.2 pg/ml in group I and 6.5 pg/ml in group II and TNF- alpha was 6.7 pg/ml in group I and 9.2 pg/ml in group II. The difference was significant (P< 0.05).

Conclusion: Alteration in level of IL-2, IL- 15 and TNF- alpha is due to low production of melatonin in 2DM patients.