Innovative Techniques to Learn English among EFL Learners: A Case Study in Indonesian


  • Muhammad Aswad, Abdul hakim Yassi, AbidinPammu, Nasmilah


Debate, Speaking, English, English Foreign Language


Speaking is a challenging skill for students to master. It requires a lot of practice. Teachers have to facilitate students to practice by providing interactive activities. Debate technique builds two-way interactions since it requires affirmative and negative teams to argue each other. This research aims to investigate whether debate technique is able to improve students’ speaking skill. This study was conducted in MA DDI Sendana, Majene, West Sulawesi, Indonesia. The population of this study was the XII-year students. the number of populations was 22 students. The samples were taken by using total sampling technique. This study used pre-experimental research design. To gain the data, the researchers used pre-test and post-test. Pre-test was used to gain information about prior knowledge before treatment, and post-test to gain information about students’ achievement after treatment. There were six meetings in the treatment. The data were analyzed by using t-test. After analyzing the data, it was found that there was significant difference (t=52.973; sig/p < 0.05) of students’ scores before and after treatment. Students’ score in post-test increased. It means that debate technique is able to improve students’ speaking skill.