A Study of the Effect of Online Learning Apps on School Pupils in the Chennai Metro Metropolitan during the Covid-19 Pandemic


  • R. Pugalendhi, Dr. S. Janet Mary


The Covid-19 pandemic condition changed off all kinds of people’s lives, particularly in the field of education and affecting regular education for school and college students all over the world. UNESCO is concerned that 87% of the students worldwide are severely affected by not being able to get their education. The role of education is very important for developing countries like India and the results of many studies shows that education could improve the future and economy of a country. All over the world Online learning apps  have increased during this Covid-19 Pandemic. As the online scenario is very new and difficult for the mentors as well as the students, it is all the most challenging for school school students. However, the development of web Technology helps to education field, particularly routine classes possible through "Online Apps.The purpose of this survey is to find the level to how online learning Apps  fulfil the educational needs for school  students in Chennai Urban. The advantages and disadvantages of online learning Apps were discussed and A study was conducted among 146 students to reveal their perception of online learning Apps. The result from the survey may suggest making better online classes for students.