Improvement of Load Penetration Resistance by Reinforcing Unpaved Road Models


  • G Venkata Sai Prasad, A Raj Kumar, Dr Subashchandrabose, Dr A Hemalatha, Dr SM Subash, Dr K Rajkumar


Successful use of geosynthetics is ensured in an exceedingly given geotechnical application, because it isn't solely compatible however effective in rising the soil properties once suitably placed.The natural geotextiles are often used as extractor, reinforcement and emptying layer for caliche-topped road sections. There square measure many studies conducted supported the applying of various materials for rising the bearing capability of weak soil. No model studies according within the literature on sealed road models wherever as few studies were according on caliche-topped road models. during this study the performance of plain-woven and nonwoven fibre geotextiles in caliche-topped and sealed road models were dole out by experimentation by utilizing the California Bearing magnitude relation (CBR) testing arrangement.

Hence the load penetration behaviours and CMBR values were determined and therefore the results were compared. This takes a look at reports the useful impact of 2 kinds of fibre geotextiles (one plain-woven fibre geotextile and one non-plain-woven fibre geotextile) on the load penetration behaviour and California bearing magnitude relation (CBR) of subgrade soil in caliche-topped and sealed road models. This study indicates that the CMBR improvement spare to eliminate the requirement for a powerful base course in each caliche-topped and sealed road models. this is often achieved through the employment of those fibre geotextiles. plain-woven fibre geotextiles square measure found to perform far better compared to non-plain-woven.