Exploration of Students’ Satisfaction, regarding Teaching Quality and Teachers’ Performance at University Level


  • Abdul Haseeb Mujahid, Dr. Ijaz Ahmed Tatlah, Dr. Tahira Kalsoom


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The study aims to explore the factors significant to the level of satisfaction for students in higher education settings. The study focuses on teachers and teaching effectiveness factors considered and evaluated by students. This study is explanatory in nature. Survey was conducted to collect data from students by using “Modified Instructive Perspective Inventory” (MIPI). Data was analyzed statistically. Students of Teacher Education program in universities were the population of this study. Modified Instructional Perspective Inventory is used as a tool to find out teachers’ effectiveness in the classroom. Reliability of assessment procedure of teacher effectiveness is measured to predict satisfaction of the teachers with teaching and satisfaction of the students with the learning. The overall reliability of using these instruments has also been established and enhanced the concept that the assessment measures were more objective, practical, and focused on human development than the typical standards offered by many educational administrations