Naked Food; Unveiling the Food Consumed. A study in reference to Organic food.


  • Shivani Kalra, Dr. Shailja Dixit, Dr. Bobby W. Lyall, Dr. Akash Ved


Naked Food, Organic Food, Human Health, Environmental heath, Pesticides.


This paper is an attempt to unveil the claimed “healthy food” consumed by millions of people across the globe. The Fact behind juicy and fresh fruits and vegetable available throughout the year needs to be unveiled for the people to decide for themselves, what are the consuming and what should they consume. The paper underlines the health aspects related to conventional and organic food. Various vitro studies that compare organic and non- organic food have found that organic food is high on antioxidant and act as an inhabitant for cancer cells. Organic food has also shown positive correlation in increasing fertility in women, fighting obesity and building strong immune. It will not be wrong to say, eat naked. To find what impact organic food has on human health and environment health, 218 respondents were questioned about their views on the hazardous impact of pesticides on human and environmental health. After various statistical analysis it was found that 85% of the total respondents believed that organic food is safe for human health and 77. 8% believed, that organic food is environment friendly. Chi square test was further used the validate the respondent’s information and it was assumed that Organic food is much health for human health and is a boon for environment. What other means can be used to substitute the use of pesticides and still meet the demand of millions of consumers has to be researched further.