Gauging the Curriculum Relevance of Graduate Diploma in Cultural Education Graduates: An Instructional Analysis




curriculum relevance, instructional analysis, teacher graduates, GDCE, PCEP, NCCA


The world's nations ensured that their national policies promoted equal access, improved learning, competent retention, and increased affirmation of all qualified students' success. This study utilized combination of mixed methods specifically the embedded research design. It used descriptive to profile the alumni of ISU with GDCE from 2011-2018. Descriptive was also used to describe the relevance and usefulness of the curricular program. The teacher-graduates of the GDCE Program in Isabela State University had immensely enhanced their 21st Century knowledge and skills, as well as the core competencies of the program. The teacher-graduates also perceived the usefulness of the program in the workplace at a great extent. Likewise, they also acquired richer socio-cultural values through their immersion in the program. In descending order, the top-five current contributions of the teachers along cultural education in their workplaces were formulating culture-based lesson exemplars in their field of specialization; organizing the community for relevant cultural promotion; documenting local knowledge, beliefs and practices; organizing local culture shows; and formulating culture-based lesson exemplar outside their fields of specialization. As recommended, teacher-respondents may enhance their knowledge, competencies and skills.