Improving English LanguageTeaching to Learners with learning troubles


  • Chassib Fanukh Abbas


improving ,troubles , strategies, curriculum, learning.


       Foreign languages are required to participate in globalisation, hence they are included in the educational curriculum. Foreign languages are generally taught in elementary schools, while some kindergartens introduce pre-school children to a foreign language. The structure, rules, and system of a foreign language are frequently different. What occurs is that some youngsters adapt to the language quickly, while others require more time and struggle from the start. The current study's goal is to look at young learners aged 10 to 12 who have not been diagnosed with a learning impairment but are nevertheless having substantial problems learning a foreign language. The current study focuses on the evaluation of teaching strategies that might assist and support young learners with English learning challenges. With above assessment is based in part on the notion that the teaching process and strategies used to teach children with learning disabilities may be used to help young learners with learning impairments acquire English as a foreign language right from the start. Finally, the objective of this study is to present clear evidence of strategies (items) that can help young learners acquire English as a foreign language with little difficulty.