Recruitment of Historical Religious Sites in Promoting Tourism Special Events


  • Dr. Mervat Maher Amin, Assoc. Prof. Amira Hassan Abdou


Added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1979, Abu Mena is the site of the ruins of a church, monasteries, houses, workshops, and various public buildings that were built on the tomb of Saint Menas of Alexandria. This became the site of a miraculous healing spring, and word spread. Already by the late 4th century AD, Abu Mena had already become a very popular center for pilgrimage.

Special events are one of the main components of tourist product and they play an immensely vital role in marketing the tourist destination and creating a powerful image.

Abu Mena pilgrimage event could be an important tool to assure and promote the Egyptian tourist product, especially in crises time. The study will review the importance of the archeological site in addition to the pilgrimage event as a remarkable tourism event.