Single Visit Endodontic Management of a Tooth with Wide Open Apex using Calcium-Silicate Cement


  • Viresh Chopra, Harneet Chopra, Gurdeep Singh, Abubaker Qutieshat, Ghada Jamal Nasib Al Shanfari


The open apex in permanent teeth is mainly a result of pulpal necrosis before the competition of root development, due to a stimulus that negatively effects the pulp. This can be because of trauma or a carious exposure. Performing and completing an endodontic  treatment  in  a  permanent  tooth  with  an  open  apex  is a challenging job when compared  to  the tooth with a mature root apex. Teeth with wide open apex, such as in immature teeth or those with apical root resorption pose a challenge in terms of immediate treatment and achieving an apical barrier. With the use of mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) in dentistry, it became possible to shorten the treatment time of these cases by immediate placement of apical plug and the root canal filling. This case report presents a case of wide open apex, endodontically managed in a single visit by forming an MTA apical plug followed by thermolasticised gutta percha obturation and finally core build up with resin composite.