New Uzbekistan – The Value of Membership in the Continuous Education System


  • Odil A. Kuysinov , Abdurakhim A. Nasirov , Sherali S. Abduraimov Aziza Kh. Sodikova , Karamiddin A. Kutlimuratov , Kamola A. Mamajanova


continuing education, preschool education, secondary education, secondary special and higher education.


This article is about the concept of continuing education that is a modern system of alternative approaches to the development of educational practice, which takes into account the fact that an individual can be educated at any age with a preschool education norm for children, general secondary education, secondary special education, and two-year vocational schools formed. In the higher education system, correspondence, evening, and remote education were formed. The author analyses the introduction of a credit-module system will broaden the scope of higher education and bring it closer to worldwide standards in the Republic of Uzbekistan. And the fact that this issue has been unresolved in Uzbekistan for many years, as well as a lack of integration between disciplines and measures to integrate educational content, has made this a pressing issue.