Effective School Administration Stimulates the Performance of Teachers to Promote the Quality Education at Public Sector Secondary Schools of Sindh, Pakistan


  • Ali Murtaza Shah, Dr. Ajaz Shaeen, Dr. Sidra kiran, Dr. Fareena Nazim




Effective school administration is a big issue in under developing countries especially in Pakistan, it is a critical problem of education nowadays, school administration has great impact on the performance of teachers and students,’ teachers are only responsible to execute the entire quality based teaching learning process to make it effective and efficient; and attractive learning environment therefore teachers require high level of motivation and encouragement from the school leadership. It has been studied nationally and internationally that that the core responsibility of school administration is to focus on the performance of teachers and quality of education in the institution through making fulfill all needs and demands of teachers on priority basis. The wider scope of study to explore effect of good school administration and how it largely effect the multiple aspects of schools such as enrollment, retentions of teachers and achievement level of students. The researcher focused on the effect of good school administration the performance of teachers, leadership qualities stimulates the teachers to work more effectively and efficiently moreover  school administration enhances the level of  performance of teachers and teachers maintain the quality of education and motivate & enhance the performance of students efficiently to achieve the ultimate objectives of school and education. The study has covered twenty public secondary schools of Sindh to collect data from the teachers and head teachers through questionnaire on volunteer basis and finally the data was analyzed quantitatively..