Characterization of potential threats in the National Reserve of Paracas-Pisco, Ica


  • D Esenarro, S Curi Gomez, F Maci Rengifo, P Amaya, M Veliz1, A Cordova


Characterization, sustainable development, reserve, ecosystems, Potential.


This research aims to analyze and characterize the potential threats that could alter and destroy the Paracas National Reserve (RNP). For this purpose, the methodology used was the elaboration of a matrix that allows the identification of the different species in flora and fauna that are the most representative in the diverse ecosystems of the RNP, as well as the degree of vulnerability and the use of specialized software to delimit the study areas and characterize the different buffer zones, The results of the risk assessment of the threats identified that all of them are at a critical level, putting the preservation of the RNP at risk. In conclusion, the reserve is threatened by the diverse human activities that negatively impact its integrity.