Proposal for a design of an Interpretation Center to Raise Awareness about Wild Fauna


  • Doris Esenarro, Jorge Yataco, Ciro Rodriguez, Pedro Amaya, Roxana Aparicio, Violeta Vega


Wildlife; interpretation Center; sensitization; population.


The present investigation proposes the design of an environmental interpretation center in the Huáscar Zonal Park in the district of Villa El Salvador, which will allow to sensitize and minimize the illegal traffic of wild fauna. The most recurrent species are birds, specifically parrots and macaws; small primates like the marmoset monkey, the monkey friar, or the maquisapa monkey that is acquired as a pet and in some cases commercialized in the markets as "bush meat" for the consumption of the population; Likewise, reptiles such as the Titicaca frog that are also sold in the markets as a revitalizing juice, as a mechanism of this a harmonious design is proposed that mimics the environment of the park, which in its great majority presents trees and species. Also, to achieve the objective of creating the Interpretation Center, it is necessary to accomplish a behavior change and generate respect for the natural environment and harmony between man and nature.