Public space in urban roads for the integration of users in a residential-commercial district (Miraflores)


  • D Esenarro, A Rincón, A Cornejo, F Granados


Public Space, Social Integration, Urban Design, Sustainable Public Space.


The present research aims to propose a model of public space in streets to integrate users in Miraflores, a residential-commercial district in Lima. It was observed that public road spaces, where commerce and housing are combined, do not offer a response to the needs of users in terms of comfort and road safety: the section of the sidewalk presents obstacles, it is not universally accessible, it does not have urban furniture for rest, and it is not related to the public facilities found there, it does not have a landscaping treatment, and it does not meet the criteria for it to be a sustainable public space. A four-phase study was carried out that included a review of the literature and observation of the case of La Paz Avenue. A Model of public space in urban streets was proposed to achieve the integration of users in a residential-commercial district. In conclusion, the article presents a model of public space in an urban road that integrates users and guarantees quality of life and contact with nature in a residential, commercial district.