The Effect of Educational Planning on the Growth of Selected Private Universities in Eastern Nigeria


  • Nnamdi S.N. Ene, Veronica E. Mogboh, Silba I. Uzochukwu, Cordy l. N. Obi


This paper studied the need for educational planning for the growth of private universities in Nigeria, taking a critical look at its benefits to the Nigerian university’s system. The study adopted a survey design and also an interpretive research methodology, taking advantage of questionnaire as tool for data collection from sample of 297 staff of randomly selected three private universities (Renaissance University, Ugbawka, Enugu State; Evangel University, Akaeze, Ebonyi State & Hezekiah University, Umudi, Imo State) in Eastern, Nigeria. After a very careful examination, the results indicated that educational planning in terms of academic and administrationpositively affected the growth of private universities in Nigeria. The study advocates thatthe managements of private universities should be resolute in conforming to best international standard practices when making educational plan. This will enable private universities to compete globally and achieve international recognition.