Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women Through Financial Literacy


  • Sahar Latif Rana, Abida Hafeez, Nadia Hanif, Muhammad Zohair Durrani


Equal Rights, Poverty Reduction, Socially Independent, Securing Education, Financially Independent


Everyone knows that empowerment is a process through which individuals address their needs in human life. Sectors having Women entrepreneurs achieves positivity and significantly participate socially. Basically, it is said that empowerment is a process of power exploration of an individual where an individual is fully experienced according to the situations required for adjustment in society. This happens when a person takes or gives any responsibility and performs it by their decisions made. Therefore the government and non-government sectors should take the initiative to cheer up women's empowerment and encourage women to be entrepreneurs, which helps to make efforts for families directly and nationally indirectly; this is said to be the actual development of men and women in a society or a nation. Nowadays, the involvement of women in society and their decisions to be granted as well as taking part in economic activities, are more replicable and not like the past decades. Now microfinance is a piece of potent equipment against poverty. Time is very precious for a woman because she invests this time in her livelihood and groceries. But now, they are getting engaged in the outer world by their skills and ability to perform outside the house for extra income and help their families. Women are the actual creators of the universe, so it is generally a great source of knowledge and innovations. Women are considered to be the best problem solver in every situation. A sample of 117 respondents was collected from respondents through a "standard questionnaire," which was created on a five-point interval scale