Suspected and Confirm Novel Coronavirus Disease: Nursing Staff Knowledge Uses in Iraq


  • Murtadha. K Adea, Ridha. M. Lefta, Ali Alaa alhashmi, Ahmed Mohammed Jasim Shlash


suspected, confirm, corona virus (COVID 19), Nursing staff knowledge


Background: Nurses must have current and exact knowledge of the new coronavirus illness in order to evaluate, receive, and offer appropriate treatment and education to patients infected or suspected to infect with the a new coronavirus disease. They also should understand how to safeguard their health and safety in order to prevent infection (Saadeh et al., 2020).

Objectives: to investigate nursing skills about suspected and confirm  novel Corona-virus disease, also to find out the relationship between nurses knowledge and demographical characteristics.

Material and Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional quantitative design is done in the current work. The study has been carried out between the 1st of November 2022. The current study has been conducted in hospitals in Al Karbala city in Iraq. A non-probability sampling technique is conducted on a (convenience- sample) of (200) nurses. With the Karbala health directorate approval to conducting the research, which depends on the nurses. Ethical consideration:  The faculty of nursing's / university of AL-Ameed and Karbala Health Director ethical review Committee granted permission for the research to collect data and sample was obtained from the AL-Hussain Teaching Hospital.


The research sample includes 200 nurses, whose demographical data are shown in table (4.1), demonstrates that the bulk of the sample of study is male (54 percent), with ages between 24 to 28 years (41 percent). Furthermore, the statistics in the preceding table reveal that the almost of nurses reside in urban area (94 percent), and their academic qualification is a bachelor's degree (39.5 percent). The research findings indicated that evaluation of nurse’s knowledge regarding the new coronavirus illness is (moderate) with [mean score 1.44], and assessment of nurse’s knowledge concerning with coronavirus disease signs and symptoms was (poor) with [mean score 1.33].

Conclusion and Recommendation: this study conclude that, the nurses' understanding of identifying between patients who infected or suspected with a new coronavirus illness is poor. Nurses with advanced degrees are the ones who are best knowledgeable about the new coronavirus illness. The research proposed that the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the “Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research”, offer training courses and seminars for nurses to familiarize them to the new coronavirus illness. The “Iraqi Ministry of Health's and World Health Organization's” websites should be kept up to date on the new coronavirus illness.