Mystery of Death in Chetan Bhagat’s a Girl in Room No 105


  • P. Krishna Teja, Dr. K. K. Sunalini


Kashmir, terrorism, war, reflection, prejudice


Chetan Bhagat is popularly known as a rock star of Indian literature and the king of Indian paper back. ‘A Girl in Room No 105’ is his latest work released in 2018 and proved to be another Chetan Bhagat’s mark fiction that truly won many Indian hearts. Chetan Bhagat had included Kashmir issue in the novel which gives an intensive graphical description of current situations of war and terror. His stories had always been the true reflection of whatever happening in India today. Many stories are written about Kashmir and most them have directly gone into militancy aspect of the state but in this novel making Kashmir terrorism as a backdrop of investigation increases the tension of the plot. The hero father being a RSS leader and his girl friend a Kashmiri Muslim also gives an interesting shade to the story and author clearly had a scope to show the prejudice we live with, in India today. Many young people have no clue of the things happening in Kashmir and they are least interested on it. While Kashmir is the Centre of many Bollywood movies and makes it frequent appearance in news reports and TV programs, they are inclined to blend it with the angle of terrorism. However, Chetan Bhagat had touched upon these issues to describe the way of how ordinary people lead their life and go through over there. This paper focuses on creating an awareness about the Kashmiri issue that helps readers understand the things in better and make them connected to the people there hopefully.