Analyze the Contribution of Higher Educational Institutions in Enhancing the Social Dimension of Human Advancement: Mediating Role of Entrepreneurship Education in Ethiopia, Horn of Africa


  • Dr. Chala Wata Dereso, Dr. Shashi Kant, Dr. Maheswaran M.


Social Dimension, Human Advancement, Employment Generation, Living Standard and Entrepreneurship Development.


Present research focused to examine the higher educational institutions contributions in enhancing the social dimension of human advancement with the mediating role of entrepreneurship education in Ethiopia. Comparative cross-sectional survey study research design was employed for this study along with both quantitative and qualitative components. Structured questionnaire was used to collect responses from learners and non learners from the Bule Hora Univerity, Ethiopia. A multi stage sampling technique was purposively employed to select  three Kebele from west Guji Zone because of its learner potential.CFA SEM is adapted to quantify advancement at individual level as well as aggregate social advancement. Results show that because of entrepreneurship education imparted by university is helpful in enhancing the social dimension of human advancement. It manifested that entrepreneurship education is fully mediating the independent and dependent variables. Thus it is recommended that higher educational institutions will considered the present study as reference for enhancing the social dimension of human advancement.