The Functioning of Terminology in Academic and Scientific Texts


  • Olena Stepanenko, Nataliia Mushyrovska, Mariia Nalyvaiko, Olena Barannyk, Larisa Boguslavska


The internationalization of education brings specific changes to the learning process at universities, the greatest of which is the increased use of the Ukrainian language in professional discourse. Since the students must use both their native and foreign languages, there is a significant problem of terminological interference. The aim is to analyze the use of the terminological system of scientific and academic texts to solve the problem and promote professional communication and integration of students in the global dimension. Methodology. The second part of the research quantitatively evaluated the influence of the terminological system of Ukrainian scientific texts on the formation of a coherent system of word-formation processes perception in conditions of intensive integration of scientific knowledge and their dissemination among foreign students. It was found that for 30 years of an independent approach to terminological system development in Ukrainian science, the attitude to terms borrowing and formation of own linguistic field of scientific reproduction perception of science and education development has been diametrically changed.