Effectiveness of the Process Genre Approach in the Teaching of Writing Skills


  • Dr. Bonala Kondal


In the present business scenario, it is significant to develop business writing skills among students to make them better management professionals. It is known that writing is an important and challenging skill in the business world, but most of the students are deficient in proficiency in their writing. The present paper discovers the effectiveness of the process-genre approach in developing the business writing skills of the tertiary level students. The sample comprises 40 management students who are studying for an MBA in a professional college. To explore the effectiveness of the chosen approach, the researcher had an informal discussion with the participants. The post-analysis of the data, it was revealed that management students’ business writing skills had improved drastically when the selected approach was incorporated in teaching and learning processes. The findings of the study revealed that the approach helped students in enhancing better writing proficiency and developing their business writing skills. Thus, it is concluded that using the process genre approach for teaching business writing to the management students during the intervention had become more successful in achieving the desired goal.