Cyberbullying Challenges on Society: A Review


  • Kasthuri Subaramaniam, Raenu Kolandaisamy, Abdurrahman Bin Jalil, Indraah Kolandaisamy


cyberbullying, challenges, society, depression, young adults


This paper discusses the challenges of cyberbullying on society. Research shows that almost 43% of children have been bullied through the web. 1 in 4 children has had it happen more than once. This shows that cyberbullying is rampant in our society and more and more young adults are affected by its catastrophic effects. There are many varying methods in which cyberbullies reach their victims, such as instant messaging over the Internet, social networking web sites, text messaging and through calls made to smart phones. Similar to bullying, cyberbullying is a solemn issue which can make the victim feel uneasy and overly self-sensitive. This can eventually, result to the possibility of committing suicide due to being cyberbullied. A survey was undertaken to determine and understand the challenges faced by victims of cyberbullies. It is found that cyberbullying indeed increased the risk of self-harm and suicidal thoughts among young adults