Two area LFC of thermal system under open market scenario using Hunger Games Search Algorithm


  • Sambugari Anil Kumar, M.Siva Sathya Narayana, K.Jithendra Gowd


Load Frequency Control, TID Controller, Hunger Games Search Algorithm


A PID controller utilising the Hunger Games Search approach is discussed in this work in order to enhance the LFC in a reconstructed two-area thermal power system. As hunger levels rise, so does the number of people searching for food in the Hunger Games Search (HGS) community. This algorithm was devised and implemented based on the key characteristics of social animals and their demand for food. Using a small amount of load, the system's potential power parameters are evaluated. Tables and graphs are compiled to show that the new test method has outperformed the HGS-PID controller. A performance index-based approach is used to identify optimal controller settings