A Specific form of Psychodynamic Oriented Psychotherapy for Emotional Maturity


  • Alice Chacko, Sabiha Alam Choudhury


Knowledge of oneself is a basic key in acquiring maturity through persistent intellectual and emotional advancement. People are selected and promoted in every field, evaluating their capacity to manage emotions. It is prime time to understand the fact that, success of the people today depends not only on their IQ level but of their EQ, irrespective of all the innovative facilities of the modern world. Psychotherapy is a powerful tool in the pursuit of this self-knowledge and a profound help in reaching integral maturity as it deals with both the structure and psychodynamic of an individual. Today’s advancing technological and secular world makes extraordinary emotional demands on human beings and requires strong emotional maturity as a psychic resource to withstand the intense stress modern life demands. This article explores the psychodynamic oriented psychotherapy along with the theoretical background of humanistic psychology, Christian anthropology and psychodynamics, be a useful instrument in improving emotional maturity. This article will elaborate features, techniques, aim and uniqueness of this specific form of psychotherapy. It also details an account of determining factors and distinctive aspects of this relevant psychotherapy.