Religious-Mystical Concepts in the Philosophy of Mysticism (Issues of Humanity and Divinity)


  • Ozoda Dj. Nishanova, Dilfuza K. Djumaniyazova, Umid M. Mengliqulov


mysticism, philosophy, religion, humanity, divinity, existentialism, Islam, Christianity, ethics, esotericism.


Analyzing Western and Eastern literature, he investigated the secular and divine factors leading to the improvement of personality, but found that the harmony of humanity and divinity was not paid enough attention. Therefore, it is important to study the importance of the harmony of humanity and divinity in the spiritual maturity of a person.  This article is based on the fact that in Eastern philosophy, humanity and divinity come as interrelated dialectically related substantial realities (the existence of two bases and their manifestation in the existence of an object in the form of side-by-side existence, not actual realities).