Typology of teacher development (case study on dinas pendidikan in manado city)


  • Viktory Nicodemus Joufree Rotty, Harol Refly Lumapow, Jeffry Sony Junus Lengkong, Lady Grace Jane Giroth, Kyrie Eleison Ruata, Tiersa Reinie Undap, Anita Constanci Christine Tengker, Brianne Eucleysia Jo Komedien


Typology, Teacher, Dinas Pendidikan, Teacher Development


The teacher resources development becomes a central issue in public discussion. The plan, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of teacher resource development in Dinas Pendidikan Manado is being provoked and receives attention. The provoking issues play around on how teacher resources development is planned, implemented and evaluated. This study takes a qualitative approach and utilizes a case study method. In-depth interviews are the primary data collecting tools, followed by document study techniques/literature and observation. However, monitoring and evaluation success requires adequate implementation quality, appropriate monitoring and evaluation standards, and a special monitoring and evaluation budget. In conclusion, the government should inform and promote the pattern of execution of teacher resource development. That is, more attention and a dedicated budget for the creation of teaching resources are required. The pattern of teacher resource development monitoring and assessment is based on both internal and external stakeholders.