Features of Marketing Intelligence with Special Reference to Additives and Positioning Marketing Intelligence


  • S. Tephillah Vasantham


advertising Intelligence, commercial enterprise aggressive advantage, internal information, Competitor’s sales records, market possibility, competitors’ Threats, competition’ dangers.


The object inquiries into the topics of the essence, function, and significance of advertising statistics for making operational, tactical and strategic management picks. It describes the number one additives of the advertising intelligence device and the lines of advertising and marketing and advertising studies. The necessity of the use of advertising and advertising intelligence machine in company’s workout has been substantiated. The barriers to the implementation of advertising and advertising and marketing intelligence as an powerful mechanism for growing the company’s competitive capacity had been recognized. The important responsibilities of the paper are to analyze and generalize the theoretical additives of the advertising and marketing intelligence concept’s essence definition; to take into account the most critical devices inside the context of manage selections adoption via the use of the pinnacle management of Ukrainian institutions. We suggest marketing and advertising intelligence structures creation at Ukrainian corporations so one may be able to react flexibly to a distinct market scenario and thereby ensure the stability of enterprise growth. In in addition research, it's far important to be aware of the implementation of various equipment of advertising intelligence inside the structure of strategic manipulate of the employer to obtain aggressive benefits and increase the competitiveness of domestic companies.