Engaging with Fantasy


  • Dr Ruma Banerjee


Fantasy, Creativity, Imagination.


Nursery rhymes expose children to a fantasy world in which characters engage in a variety of curious and entertaining scenarios. They allow children to visualise and expand their perception of what is possible in the wonderful world of fiction. It is through imagination that children reach the highest potential. It helps in the expansion of social, emotional and creative skills in children. One of the most important advantages of imagination is increased creative capacity. Imagination provides children with the abilities they will need later in life for creative problem solving and artistic endeavors. Children's creativity may subsequently lead to the discovery and development of new items and ideas. It may also assist kids in comprehending various sorts of art and visualizing people and scenarios from novels and movies. Wallace Stephens wrote, “the imagination is the power of the mind over the possibilities of things. By neglecting the imagination we impoverish children's worlds and narrow their hopes” (Herbert Kohl, as cited in Rodari, 1996 p 19