Opening words (search for uniqueness, university professors)


  • Dr. Abdel Karim Atta Karim, Hiba Abdul Attef Hamid


Uniqueness seeking, University masters.


The current research aims to identify the search for uniqueness among university professors, and to achieve the objectives of the current research, the researchers adopted the (Al-Jilawi, 2021) scale, which consists of (29) paragraphs, and the research was conducted on a sample of (400) male and female professors. In the search for exclusivity according to gender variable (male - female), scientific title (professor - assistant professor), specialization (scientific - human), the research sample consisted of 400 professor and assistant professor (1980 Snyder & Fromkin)), the (Jilawi scale) was adopted at 2021), and according to the theory of Snyder and Fromkin to search for uniqueness, and the scale is finally (25) paragraphs , from three areas: (lack of concern about the reactions of others to other people's ideas, a person's desire not to always follow the rules, a person's desire to defend someone's His opinions and beliefs publicly). The reliability (0.80) was verified by the test and re-test method, and the reliability coefficient of the tool reached by the Facronbach method (0.79), and using statistical methods using the statistical portfolio for social sciences. The most prominent results of the research were, University professors enjoy the search for exclusivity. There is no statistically significant difference in the search for uniqueness according to the variables of gender and academic degree. There is a statistically significant difference according to the gender variable and in favor of males in the search for exclusivity. There are statistically significant differences according to a scientific-human variable and in favor of the scientific in the search for uniqueness. There is no statistically significant difference according to the scientific title variable (Professor - Assistant Professor). Uniqueness seeking among university masters