“Pappasang”: A Symbolic Interaction Between The Mandar And Environment, An Anthropolinguistics Study


  • Nurhayati, Muhammad Hasyim


pappasang, advice, prohibitions and challenges, education, character


Pappasang (message) is a symbolic interaction between humans and nature. The research objective is to examine the expression of “Pappasang” in The Mandar-Mamuju about a harmonious relationship between humans with nature and its implications in everyday life. The research methodology used was survey and observation. The survey method was used by examining the traditional expression of “Pappasang” in The Mandar-Mamuju from the traditional leader, officials, and cultural expertise. The observation method was used to observe the use of pappasang within the community. The research findings showed that the expression of pappasang creates a harmonious relationship between humans and The Mandar Mamuju as well as containing messages in the form of advice, prohibitions, and taboos. The Mandar Mamuju implements this pappasang in the field of education as a form of education, and in protecting the surrounding natural environment. The content of pappasang can become the concept of learning in preserving the environment