Planning a New Media Strategies’ Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Campaign Using The 5Ps of Presentation among the Youth in Kenya’s Informal Settlements


  • Anne Anjao Eboi, Assoc. Prof. Awan Ismail, Associate Prof. Norsiah Abdul Hamid


New Media Strategies, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Campaign, 5Ps of Presentation, Youth, Informal Settlements of Kenya


The issue of unwanted pregnancies among young people has escalated in recent times, necessitating the dissemination of life-transforming sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) messages to young people. Previously, SRHR campaigns used conventional media to relay these messages to prevent unwanted pregnancies. However, evidence suggests that the target audience is increasingly consuming new media as society is now more connected than before. For effective implementation of new media strategies for the prevention of pregnancies among young people, good planning is essential. There is need to adopt a new mindset and strategies when planning a campaign to run online since online campaigns are considered more challenging. Therefore, the present study explores the campaign planning process and use of SRHR policy in managing SRHR campaigns using new media strategies. Qualitative in-depth interviews and a thematic analysis were used. Findings indicate that effective planning must consider the relevant policies and involve all concerned stakeholders. Therefore, guided by the 4Ps of good presentations, we developed a modest model of the 5Ps of Planning an SRHR campaign. These are Preliminaries, Preparation, Practice, Presentation, and Policy. The paper concludes that the effective planning of an SRHR online campaign should consider the 5Ps of planning