A Statistical Analysis to Measure the Nexus of Authenticity and Heritage Tourism Sustainability


  • Waleed, Zongguo Ma, Shaifali Garg, Vipin Jain, K. V. B. Ganesh, G. Taviti Naidu, Korakod Tongkachok, M. D. Abdulla


Heritage tourism is considered to be one of the prestigious national assets in Pakistan. Measuring the tourists’ perception in tourism context is one of the important themes in behavioral sciences. Understanding the tourists’ perception for objective, constructive and existential authenticities in the heritage destinations is of pivotal importance. This study intends to measure the influence of authenticity of the tourists’ destinations in development of heritage tourism in Pakistan. To conduct this study, 657 valid questionnaires from the national and international tourists were analyzed.Confirmatory factor analysis and Structure Equation Model are used to assess the relationship between the constructs.Results show that objective authenticity, constructive authenticity and existential authenticity have significant positive influence in developing heritage tourism in Pakistan. This paper may work as decision tool for higher authorities for bringing positive changes in heritage tourism infrastructure. This study brings valuable marketing and management insights in heritage tourism.