On the Issue of Withdrawing Foreign Troops from South Vietnam during the Paris Negotiations (1968-1973)


  • Dr. Nguyen Manh Ha


After nearly 5 years (from May 13, 1968, ending on January 27, 1973) negotiations with 201 public meetings, 45 high-level private meetings, 500 press conferences, 1,000 interviews The Paris Agreement negotiations have ended. The development of the Paris Conference was very tense with the conflicting demands of Vietnam and the US. Vietnam demands that the US end the war, withdraw all troops and weapons from South Vietnam, abolish the pro-American government, and respect the South Vietnamese people's right to self-determination... The US said it wanted to end the war, but demanded that the North and the US withdraw their troops together; demanded the restoration of the demilitarized zone and the maintenance of the Saigon government. However, in the end the US had to sign the Paris Agreement with the victory in favor of Vietnam. When looking back at the war in Vietnam, many international commentators commented: The Paris Conference is the most eloquent picture of the historical confrontation between socialists on the one hand and capitalism on the other, and the Paris Agreement is the “legend of the twentieth century”.