Role Of Garhwal Cuisine in the Promoting Tourism in the Region


  • Shweta Nripendra Lingwal, Dr. Mahesh Chandra Uniyal, Dr. Nripendra Singh Lingwal


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Tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The tourism industry in India is also mounting as a very fast pace.  As per the WTTC’s annual research, the Travel and Tourism industry gave a contribution of 10.4% to the global G.D.P. in 2019. Tourism has become a crucial phenomenon for the social, financial, cultural, infrastructural growth and of a country. India has a great prospective for attracting more and more tourists due to its prodigious heritage, culture, tradition, incredible history, scenic beauty, remarkable landscaping, eminent ancient sites, distinguished monuments, remarkable artifacts etc. WTTC report states that Indian Travel and Tourism industry clenched a rank of 10 amongst 185 countries in the year 2019