Self-Esteem of Undergraduate Nursing Students: A Cross-Sectional Study


  • Dr. Sudharani Banappagoudar, Dr. D. S. Ajetha, Azra Parveen, Gomathi S., Dr. S. P. Subashini, Priyanka Malhotra


Background: Self-esteem is the inner attitude that underpins personality and psychological equilibrium, as well as being responsible for adaptive processes throughout life. Self-esteem is an important component in the development of clinical developmental personality and social psychology, and it is a term that is employed in a variety of fields. Many years have been spent researching the importance of psychological functioning. The scientific literature on self-esteem has grown to the point that it is difficult to describe it.

Aim/Objective: Undergraduate nursing students' self-esteem was measured in this research.

Methodology: Using the descriptive approach for the study the sample was drawn using the nonpurposive sampling technique. The sample consisted of the students of nursing studying in various Nursing Colleges. The total students who participated in the study were 210 of which 1st year 60, 2nd-year 37,3rd year 48 & 4th year 65 students respectively. The questionnaire consisted of two sections, Section A was related to socio-demographic variables, Section B consisted of Rosenberg Self Esteem questionnaires which were implemented on each sample after their willingness to participate. 

Results: Descriptive and inferential statistics were used to examine the data. According to the findings, 154 (73.3 percent) of student respondents had a normal level of self-esteem, 50 (23.8 percent) had low self-esteem, and 6 (2.9 percent) had high self-esteem. When the students' self-esteem was compared to socio-demographic factors using the chi-square test at p0.05, the connection in the degree of stress variable was discovered.

Conclusion: Self-esteem a term of psychology that implies one’s level of confidence and respect to one’s own or themselves. Self-esteem comprises dignity, pride, shame, and emotions. It is one's own experiences where self-esteem is highly been influenced. Positive experiences have good self-esteem and negative experience does the opposite. Nurses are the ones who provide comprehensive care for the patients for which a nurse should have good high self-esteem. Self-esteem makes her be committed and gives her greater satisfaction.