Features of the German Linguistic Translation Competence Formation of Students of Higher Educational Institutions


  • Valentyna Gutnyk, Sorina Solomko, Marianna Paustovska, Iryna Trutsunenko, Elvira Horbach


            Translation skills are required in professional and scientific-practical activities in various fields of modern knowledge.In addition, translation competence willbe put to good use in international cooperation in the field of science and business.The purposeof the research lies in exploring the pedagogical conditions and experimental verification of the features of the German linguistic translation competenceformation of students ofhigher educational institutions, which involves assessing the success of students according to the criteria of practical, technological and reflective activity; activities on increasing motivation, studying the conditions for the translation competenceformation.Research goals involve the application of the method of formative experiment, as well as methods of description, observation, and statistical method.This will make it possible to reveal positive changes in the stages of translation competenceformation in the experimental group in comparison with the control group.The research hypothesis involves increasing the effectiveness of professional training of specialists in technical translationprovided the creation of pedagogical conditions and the use of technological and interactive educational resources.The result of the project implementation lies in increasing the level of translation skills, the ability to make accurate and correct translation, improving speech skills,as well as making them to the maximum useful as translators for business and the society. In perspective, the development of further educational projects on the foreign language translation competenceformation is expected, where future translators should focus on the formation of the main core of communicative competence in the process of teaching German and technical knowledge that will provide the opportunity to become a professional.